Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim: You Can Do It in One Day But Don’t Have to

Some of the world’s greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible; and I guess I am one of those persons; the ones who don’t understand what impossible goals are, or maybe, my God of luck is just as close as a hard earned cup of tea is to the nose.

“The idea,” he said is to hike the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.  “I’m in,” I said, not thinking what a really hard hike this actually was. But oh well, I’m always up for a challenge, and my buddy and I had heard that hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim was too hard for most people.  Well, that was all we needed to make the decision to do it!  You have to know us; we are two tough and  determined dudes.   You know the type; the easy-going type with no fear.  So, we did it. I must say it was one of those wild adventures, but it’s not a feat for the faint of heart. You don’t have to be in top shape but you do have to be fit, and you gotta prepare for this hike. So  here are our tips for those of you with the guts to try to hike the entire Grand Canyon from rim to rim.

  1. Start out in the spring, when the weather isn’t that hot. Go in mid May or wait until September. Even in May, the temperature is in the 90s, so man, you definitely don’t want to do this in the summer. Even the spring and fall can be a bit tough, but it’s still doable within some semblance of comfort.
  2. We didn’t really need to do any special training because, hey, we are always training. But you might need to get into shape for this hike, so get started on it now.  You’ll need to be fit enough to run a marathon without stopping.  Once you start this hike, there is no quitting part way, so you better make sure your quads are up for it.
  3. Naturally, you’ll need supplies. Take sunscreen, extra socks, a hat, electrolyte capsules, two water containers, your camp stove, and a great camp stove recipe.  Lots of protein foods, too.  Things like trail mix and protein bars are great and aren’t heavy in your backpack.  Don’t forget to bring something to pick up your garbage and take it with you; nobody wants your litter in the canyon.  And don’t be a dweeb, make sure your boots are broken in and roomy enough for your feet if they swell. This is not the place to break in new hiking boots.
  4. Leave your cell phone at home; it probably won’t work there anyway. But you might want a camera, and a spare shirt since you’ll be sweating for sure. You might want to take one of those satellite phones as these tend to work best in areas where there is no cell phone signal.
  5. My buddy is laughing cuz I almost forgot about the beer! At Phantom Ranch, you can get a box lunch and beer.  But, hey, don’t overdo the food or the beer cuz the next part of the hike is the worst. Remember, you are here to commune with nature.
  6. At the beginning, you are hiking downhill, but at the end, it’s uphill all the way. This part is why you need to be really fit and toned.
  7. We did the whole thing in just one day, but we heard that lots of people take 4 days to do it. We met up with a bunch of guys who called themselves the “overweight, over 40, guys).  Was kind of funny, but also true.  Anyway, I guess you don’t have to do it all in one day like us.
  8. Take it slow if you aren’t used to that much exercise.