Sturdy Boots for Hiking in the Desert

When you’re hiking in the desert, you’re going to want to get some sturdy boots.

Below is a list of the things you should be looking for.

  • High Tops:  You need to have plenty of ankle support since you’ll be walking on loose rocks that will tend to make your ankles want to twist.
  • Durable Bottoms:  You dont want the tread to be too soft.  It’ll wear too quickly.  You need the bottoms to also not have too much give.  You can hurt the arch of your foot otherwise.
  • Light Colors:  Don’t buy black boots.  They will absorb the harsh UV rays from the sun and bake your feet.  You don’t want your feet sweating all day.  This could lead to trench foot, and also cause your feet to swell.
  • Snug fit:  Especially in mountainous terrain this is important.  As your climbing up or down a hill, you don’t want your feet sliding back and forth in your boots.  This can cause painful bruising and potential injury to your feet.